Super Stars Orphanage


Super Stars Int. Children Fund commits itself to undertake long-term sustainable interventions that will integrate education, feeding and health policies to combat poverty. We currently operating on a rented place with school and feeding program for 62 kids, our aim are to build a stable and suitable home for all our kids and make space for more to come in, so as to provide brighter kids to shine and make them what the society deserves.

The project has programs where it ensures every childs needs of living as a whole. In our upcoming development goals, the orphanage home commits to build a multi-purpose facility comprising of classrooms, a home, library, ICT center and playground for the orphans and destitute children we serve. We have pre-kids and primary. They are living together as brothers and sisters under the care of our staffs. The program provides housing, clothing, food, school uniforms, medical care etc. to all children.

Our work

Together with our sponsors and volunteers, Super Stars Int. Children Fund is seeking to adopt innovative and practical steps to assist orphans and vulnerable children so they can be educated for a better future. We will give holistic support to our children. Ensuring children grow up with all they need, to reach their full potential and happy live healthy lives.

Children develop best when they belong to a family, so we help families to stay together through our community outreach programs. When a child loses parental care, we offer them a new family in a super stars orphanage home. Here they receive housing, welfare, healthcare, education and training.

Why we need you

Our work is only possible with the help of our supporters. You can make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families at risk of separation by raising awareness of the work of Super Stars Int. Children Fund and much-needed funds to support our projects. To achieve the full benefit of this project and bring out the best in these kids, super stars is seeking help from volunteers to enable us to improve the lives of the less privileged which is our main goal and objective. Super Stars Int. Children Fund hereby launches this project to dedicate itself in providing housing, welfare, healthcare, education and training to the less privileged.

If you're keen to raise awareness of our work, one of the best ways you can help is to link to us through our website.