Super Stars Orphanage

About Us

Due to the love, care and desire for children, Mrs Dawn M Mattis decided to give the best for kids who urgently need's help. Super Stars International Children Fund was founded in March 2015.

Super Stars International Children Fund exists to provide care to orphans, vunerable children, powerless young women and broken families located in Ghana Africa. We provide many different types of service in the communities we serve. At SSICF we take a long term approach to what we do and go beyound simple involvement in the life of the children and people in the community. We believe that every life matters and our passion is to see those we work with follow their heart, pursue their dreams, receive the love from God and live life with purpose. Ensuring the children our organisation cares for grow up in a loving family and are protected properly. SSICF has been providing care for 20 orphans between the ages of 2-17 and outreach to over 75 families in the neighbouring communities for over 4 years. 

We have been rehabilitating the children with interpersonal development skills through education and training, building their self-esteem and social life skills. Daily provision of nutritional diet has enabled the children to maintain a healthy body and an active mind. We aim to provide a child friendly living enviroment, with boarding for the orphans and less privilege children in the communities.


Our Aims

The objectives are to rehabilitate the children with interpersonal development skills through healthcare, education and training building of their self-esteem and social life skills. Provision of nutritional diet to all children to encourage healthy body and mind growth. They aim to provide a child friendly living atmosphere for the children.  Also, to enlighten some families into small business skills so that they can improve their income for lives of children to be made whole and feel cared for into the community.

Reunify Children

Whether a child has been separated or abandoned, Super Stars Int. Children Fund strives to reunify the child with their biological family whenever possible.

Our Child Center will serve as a temporal home for these children. With provision of housing, welfare, healthcare, education and training as well as social, spiritual and psychological development. At the same time, we work with the parent or extended family members to develop the means to care for the child after being reunified. We strengthen and enable them to become sustainable through vocational skills training, social services and counseling. Whether it’s through modern farming practices or any means, families once again are able to care for their children and regain a basic human desire we all share: living together as a family. When families are reunited, the cycle of orphans’ creation is ended.

You can help us reunite the next family.

Preservation of Family

We identify those families who are most at risk of being torn apart due to poverty, disease, famine, and empower them to remain intact or take up the kids into our home. Staffs and caretakers are being taught sustainable skills that allow them to care for the children to receive healthcare, education, training and counseling. Through our family preservation and empowerment efforts, we planning for new homes to be built, clean water accessed, high graduation rates and loving children to remain lively. Family preservation is orphan prevention.

You can sponsor a child in one of these families right now.


Super Stars Int. Children Fund is committed to all children receiving their right to education. When equipped with knowledge, skills and ambition, children can grow up to live happy, empowered lives, and be valuable members of their society.


Every child living with Super Stars Int. Children Fund will have access to quality healthcare, ensuring they grow up strong and healthy. Families who abandon their kids and living in the surrounding communities will also benefit from our medical facilities. Providing healthcare is part of the holistic support we would give to vulnerable children and families ensuring basic healthcare for all children, mothers and other staff. When children arrive at Super Stars Int. Children Fund, many have had tough start in life and are in poor health. They may have been neglected, lived on the streets, or not had the right nutrition. That's why as soon as a child joins the Super Stars Int. Children Fund family; our set standards assess their health needs and work to fulfill them. Those who are malnourished are given a special diet until they are fit and strong, whatever their needs, we make sure they stay healthy. Our aim is that children grow up healthy in all ways – physically, mentally and emotionally.