Super Stars Orphanage

Reunify Children

Whether a child has been separated or abandoned, Super Stars Int. Children Fund strives to reunify the child with their biological family whenever possible.

Preservation of Families

Surprisingly, 20 - 25% of children living in orphanages have atleast one parent. These children are what we call single, economic or social orphans; they have one or both parents who would care for them, if simply given the means to do so.


Super Stars Int. Children Fund is committed to all children receiving their right to education. When equipped with knowledge, skills and ambition, children can grow up to live happy, empowered lives, and be valuable members of their society.


Every child living with Super Stars Int. Children Fund will have access to quality healthcare, ensuring they grow up strong and healthy. Families who abandon their kids and living in the surrounding communities will also benefit from our medical facilities.